Family Photos - Steve's In-laws

Just click on the photo to see a larger copy of it.  All these images were cropped for size purposes, the originals have more of a "border", and usually look better.
As these are in chronological order - as pretty much everything on this is - the older pictures from Linda's parents are at the bottom.
Here are my in-laws.

Steve, Linda, Salina, JJ, and John

[Mostly] Felpo Family
At Pam's wedding.
Adriana, Anthony III, Jimmy, Joan, Anthony II, Jeff, Maria, Louis, Pam, Jeff, Steve, and Linda at Pam's wedding.

Some images from Salina and John's wedding
Some images from Meaghan and Jason's wedding
On Saturday, February 14, 2009, Linda's mom, Frieda Felpo, passed away. 
Here are some pictures from her 80th birthday party.
I wish for....
Happy son #1
Happy son #2
Nothing like a good cigar
On the catwalk
In vogue
Blowing kisse
More family
Mom's kids
Mom's kids
The ladies of the family
Grandma visited.  And went for a ride on the motorcycle!!! 
She loved it.  At least she said she loved it.....  :-)
All geared up and ready to go
Driver putting on the gloves
And away we go....
Mom just getting off the bike
On Tuesday, June 14, Linda's father passed away.
Here are a couple photos with him (and others) during Pam's graduation party on Memorial Day.
Dad, mom, and Pam
The whole extended gang
Julia - new born (niece's daughter)
Julia (new born) too (niece's daughter)
Julia at Christmas
Most of the in-laws
All the in-law brothers and sisters together
Northport harbor wedding photo of Maria and Jeff
All the in-laws at Maria's wedding in 1999
Circa 1993
Anthony's 40th Birthday
(It looks like it might be Steve giving Jeff bunny ears - visible in the reflection in the slider.)
Old / Older and pretty much undated
Attempted order based on the content
Linda's mom "wearing" a lamp.
Linda's parents at Christmas.
Linda's parents in Sharon Springs, NY.
Linda's parents in their kitchen.
Linda's parents holding her as an infant.
Linda's parents on their wedding day.
Linda's Aunt Sally and Uncle Phil.
Linda's Aunt Stella and Uncle Bob, from Florida