Some of this content was taken off the orginal title page and put here.

I was doing great keeping up with a fairly new site I have called Whine And Cheese. Of late, I haven't been keeping up on it as much as I had hoped - but I expect to get back to it again. Whenever.

After being in a sleep for two days, on Friday, July 3, at 2:43 PM, Steve's dad passed away. He was 84 years, 6 months and 1 day young. Here is a page for him.

Dollar Deals has been closed since February 28, 2009. Though we are no longer operating it, it was still a big part of our lives.

I suggest visiting this link for special information about "Michel Triangle".

My folks are originally from the Bronx (NY). They moved to Westchester (not West Chester, for those local to DE and PA) a long time ago, and raised the three of us (that would be my sister, brother and I, in that order). I'm the youngest... the smartest... and best looking too. 😁 (but don't tell them that).

My wife, Linda, and I now live in Delaware. The daughter, Pam, is now married with a child two children of her own. So yes, that makes us grandparents. The sister's now in DE too, with her husband and four sons.  The brother is also in Delaware, with his wife, two sons and a daughter; and, believe it or not, my parents are in Delaware too (they were here first)!!  There are pictures of the family in the photos section.

We, Linda and I, have been living Delaware for over thirty years (at the time of this writing). It was quite a switch from the hustle and bustle of Northern Westchester (again, that's not West Chester...). We are both retired, though Linda works part time at the church (2 days, 5 hours a day) to help fill her day.