Scenery Photos

Just click on the photo to see a larger copy of it.  All these images were cropped for size purposes, the originals have more of a "border", and usually look better.

Cell phone

Fog over a yellowing farm field off Hamburg Road, New Castle, DE.

Traveling under the south side of the Reedy Point Bridge.

Some more fog images going north over the Reedy Point Bridge.
I really like how the tree tops peek through the fog.

Snagged these coming over the Reedy Point Bridge, traveling north into Delaware City.

This is actually a color photo.
It was very overcast, and the oddity of the effect is lost some in the image.
What I think about when I see this is "Smoooooke, on the wa-ter..."

The cherry blossoms flanking Route 9 in Delaware City.



Snow on the branches of the Crepé Myrtle tree

Tiny icicles on the leaves of the magnolia tree

Ice wrapped around the
branches of the Crepé Myrtle tree.

Tiny icicles forming on the leaves of the magnolia tree.

A series of images from atop of one of the Cape Henlopen watch towers.
That's Rehoboth
Beach in the

Fort Miles in the foreground.

The ocean with a couple buoys.

The Empire State Building and the
new Freedom Tower.
This image was NOT taken at 70 m.p.h.
On the New Jersey Turnpike.... it wasn't.
It was at 73 m.p.h....

The pontoon boat, before it was sold, from a couple angles.



The big snow of the late fall (yes, fall!).
Road hadn't been plowed just yet.

Outside the garage door.

The beginning of shovelling a 250' driveway.
The drif by the bush was 3' deep.  1-2' deep up the drive.

A little bit of drifting...

A row of lylands on the property line.

Drifts by the lamp post.

Drifts on the side of the road.

An ice storm hit the mid-Atlantic area. Here are some of the results of that storm.

These are all in our our or our neighbor's yard.

Some interesting fog over the farm next door.

The salt water marsh

The C&D Canal and the Delaware River with a ship on it.

Some reeds in Delaware City