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This page was originally intended to be about our family, but has expanded far beyond that. I have invited friends, relatives, and coworkers here, so, chances are, unless you are in that category, you will find some of this not too interesting. But, because this is the Internet, and anyone can get here, I felt obligated to provide some things everyone would enjoy.

Welcome (back?) to the site. Most of the changes - updates - regularly take place in the photos section. There are a number of subdomains that mostly contain the photos so they can be gotten to directly. And some pages have summaries that link to other pages, and some pages have links to other pages that have links to other pages (etc.). The main subdomains include (in alphabetical order):
      Bread - some of the bread we've enjoyed, and have enjoyed making.
      Capitals - our quest to visit the 50 state capitals.
      Countries - the countries we have visited.
      Food - some of the more interesting recipes we've made.
      National Parks - our visits to National Parks (we are NOT planning on visiting them all).
      Road trips - our vacations, most that include capitals.
      Viking River Cruises - the VRC's we've taken in Europe.

The next phase of updates for the site revolves around trying to make it more user friendly. It should display much better - read: bigger - on a mobile. Maybe not all of it, yet, but it is getting there.
I started with all the main pages / root pages (most of the landing pages on the menu), and am going through the photo pages because that's where most of the display "issues" reside.

The blog has begun. You can see it here: http://www.RetirementLifeForMe.com.

When our friends came over to watch the "Big Game" with us, I created and printed out "Big Game Bingo" (while I could legally, technically use the other more commonly known name, I choose to use what is probably the second most commonly known name) sheets for us play while we watched.
During the COVID-19 quarantine, I created an on-line game that I called "Quarantine Bingo". We played it with some relatives, and I even played it with co-workers during a team meeting.
Then I got to thinking of combining the "Big Game Bingo" with the program I wrote for the "Quarantine Bingo".
And here it is: http://Bingo.TheMichelPage.com (instructions are on the page).
The Quarantine Bingo game requires a Host (but not the Football Bingo game) to play it properly as the host calls out the bingo items. The host can be accessed here: http://Bingo.TheMichelPage.com/host.php (instructions are on the page).

You can find some trivia (I am still proud of the flag question, though it is starting to wear off a bit [okay, a lot]), and a family history (which now includes an extra special addition). Also, not only are the credits still there, you can see some feedback from other visitors.

If you would like to BOOKMARK this site,

By the way, please don't tell me about spelling mistakes. 😁
Enjoy the site, thanks for stopping, and please come again (often)!

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