Click on the photo to see a larger copy of it.  Almost all these images were cropped for size purposes, the originals have more of a "border", and usually look better.  I also had to shrink a number of them due to storage restrictions.  All the photos contained herein are copyrighted (and by your viewing them agree to be bound by the copyright). Copies are available upon request, just let me know (electronic copies are free).
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All the original photos, and most of the photos on the site, (as of this writing, 01/19/2007 or so) were taken with a Canon Rebel APS camera.  That camera has been upgraded to a Canon Rebel XTi.  As more pictures are now being taken with the XTi, more digital originals will start appearing.  I will do what I can to indicate which are the new digital ones (at least until the digital photo count exceeds the film photo count).

So we like Canon.... as of now (February 2022), we have an 'R'.  We went digital with the T5i back in July 2013 to start doing videos. The videos are hosted by YouTube, but there are imbedded links throughout the site.

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Countries Updated
River Cruises Updated
Europe  ( Main River 2023 New, Elbe River 2023 New, Danube River 2022 Updated, Rhine River 2021, Danube River 2019, Italy 2004, France 2000 Updated )
Italy - 2004 Updated
Paris - 2000, 2023


Capitals Updated
Road trips - may include some air travel... Updated
National Parks New
South - 2022, 2017, 2015, 2011
New Orleans - 2017 Day 2, 2017 Day 1, 2002, 1999
D.C. - 2003 and 2001
Mount Vernon - 2003
Boston - 2022, 2001
Williamsburg, VA - 2024, 1999
Chicago, IL - 2023, 1998
Houston, TX - 2013


Selfies (from our roadtrips, cruises, and wherever else)


Pam's photos - College graduation, Bridal shower, Wedding, and some other shots
Michel Triangle
Linda and Steve selfies   Updated
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Celestial Bodies   Updated


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